An open dialogue

At Relative Creative we regularly review the way we engage with social media and why we do it. It provides another space to engage with an audience that we don’t necessarily engage with in our day-to-day practice. We still have concerns about many of the ethics behind mainstream social media platforms and we continue to review our engagement.

For us social media is primarily not about selling our work and, generally speaking, it is not where we get our clients from–although it can be a way for potential clients to see our work. We use social media because it provides an accessible space to share carefully considered and curated content. For us, the content we produce and curate is about sharing our position, opening a dialogue about complex topics and increasing the quality of conversation in the social media sphere.

Our use of social media acts as a way to create and share non-project specific content, such as our A to Z of Bushfires, as well as share our design process. We’re sharing it below because in many ways we approach the production and curation of this content in a similar way to how we would approach a blog or short articles.

Enjoy the read.