Artists in residence: Straddie Artist Camp

Taking up residence at Relative Creative in 2019 is the Straddie Artists Camp.

Since July Relative Creative has been hosting an artist space in part of our studio, this provides a location for the Straddie Artist Camp artists to continue work on projects ready for exhibition at HOTA towards the end of the year. It provides a dedicated space for collaboration, conversation and contributes to our studio through our conversations with artists and exposure to other art forms.

Contributing artists include:
Glennys Briggs
Mark Cora
Rick Roser
Rhonda Sharpe
Tarni Eastwood
Libby Harward
Alara Cameron
Rebecca Ray
John Graham
Lystra Bisschop
Claire Freeman
Alicia Jones

*This artist residency is proudly supported by City of Gold Coast

Img 3313Artist Space BurleighImg 4669 Img 4675