Design Practices For More Than Human Commons

In March, our co-director Tristan Schultz will head to Melbourne to be on the panel for forum ‘Design Practices For More Than Human Commons’. The forum is part of Melbourne Design Week 2020, an initiative of the Victorian Government in collaboration with the National Gallery of Victoria.


This forum will explore a range of approaches to ‘more-than-human design’, where human interests are neither excluded nor the center of concern, and non-human agency is engaged in the design process. What techniques, approaches and leading design methods open up the possibilities of design-based ecological-thinking? Can we learn from and adopt multiple, mutually supporting methods for designing novel ecologies, that actively encourage mutual relationships between multiple species, technologies, matter and place? In bringing together designers who have developed different approaches this event aims to open up a discussion for cooperative sharing, and a collective imagining of pragmatic ways forward.

The panel will be moderated by Professor Pia Ednie-Brown, School of Architecture and Built Environment, University of Newcastle and Associate Professor Yoko Akama, School of Design, RMIT University. Members of the panel include our founder and co-director Tristan Schultz, Georgina Reid, writer and designer, founding editor of The Planthunter online magazine, Kat Lavers, permaculture designer, The Plummery, and sustainable food systems advocate, and Dominique Hes, Principal Researcher, Beyond Zero Emissions.

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