Queensland Performing Arts Centre’s Out of the Box festival is curated to offer connected arts and educational experiences for children aged eight years and under. Run over five days, 2018’s festival included in-theatre experiences, workshops, activities and exhibitions. Relative Creative’s See Change Sand Tracks sand boxes featured as part of the exhibition.

See Change is in response to the question, how might we comprehend, navigate and share with each other the scale of today’s complex and fast-paced changing world and transition towards sustainable futures? Tailored to children, the sand boxes prompted participants to undertake tactile engagement, helping them understand that we can communicate in other ways, other than with words. The sand boxes utilised the use of play, and its importance for children, to prompt a conversation around the future. Although, at its most basic level, young children could simply play in sand, children playing with the sand stamps and sand trays in the workshops could start a conversation based on the words and icons, they could follow the colour-coded themed stamps and reflect on the associated knowledge, they could pay attention to the spatial arrangement of what they were stamping and reflect on mapping typologies or facilitators could even prompt reflection on the dominant presence of Indigenous Knowledge in the work, and how this fits or misfits with how they see Aboriginal culture commonly represented.


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