Redirective Practice

We are a dynamic, independent, highly qualified and multi-skilled team with a track record which includes events in Brisbane, Paris, Thessaloniki and Cairo; and exhibitions and festivals in Australia and the USA.

We practice, teach and research in the areas of design, cultural theory, contemporary culture, indigenous culture, visual arts, history and decolonial studies—all evidenced in numerous publications internationally.

We are not interested in idealism, gesturalism, worn-out slogans, instrumental pragmatism and forms of action that continually and demonstrably fail. We reject ‘single issue politics’ recognising all problems to be faced are relationally connected. We know that analysis alone is insufficient and action that is not well informed will fail; action must be directed by an understanding guided by both formal and informal knowledge.

We are interested in making the problems of the broken far more evident and effectively communicated. We will act without cynicism, any notion of the possession of the power of salvation, or a belief that humanity has an intrinsic capacity to survive.

We have experience working together on a variety of local and international projects and come together with goodwill, ideas, determination and an understanding of the limits of what we know.

Between 2014 and 2016, we worked alongside Christine Moulder and Lennah Kuskoff to develop an event series that used the 2014 Queensland Plan to look critically at the future of Queensland.

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The event series was designed with the recognition that current future plans for Queensland are not sustainable and do not address the future challenges that the State will experience. The aim of this series was to understand these challenges and design future scenarios with them in mind.

Read about Event 1 and Event 2.

We have also recently written a book chapter about this work.

Repairing the future of Queensland workshop