See Change Sand Tracks

How might we comprehend, navigate and share with each other the scale of today’s complex and fast-paced changing world and transition towards sustainable futures?

Emerging, experimental, speculative, critical and future oriented, See Change Sand Tracks is a design event like no other; designed to help people think, talk and mobilise their futures.

Wicked problems, systems, ecological and social responsibilities embedded in climate change, human movement, societal shifts, food security, conflict, health issues and more will be creatively and interactively made visible through the See Change Sand Tracks event

See Change Sand Tracks Master Promo Image Jan2018, the central hub for a number of project components, is where you can see how the project provides different skills to help people engage in art, showcase their art and tell their stories about these issues. When it launches you will be able to participate in using design and mapping techniques, cinematography and interactive media techniques as well as developing strategic foresight into those futures. Participate in understanding pasts, presents, futures and complexity—in thinking and talking about both the challenges and the opportunities your communities are facing. Explore how Indigenous Knowledge might contribute to navigating towards sustainable futures.


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The project utilises funding from the Generate Program: Generate is a City of Gold Coast initiative through the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF), a partnership between the Queensland Government and the City of Gold Coast to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland. Generate is also supported through a partnership between Gold Coast City Council and Queensland Government’s Office of the Commonwealth Games.


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See Change Sand Tracks Sand Tray Workshops

We had a busy start to 2018 with the See Change Sand Tracks Sand Trays travelling the length and breadth of the coast running workshops at Gold Coast Libraries. We also held a Workshop with Silkwood Independent School with 60 students from Year 10 and 11 joining us for two hour sessions where they worked together to build Futures Map, exploring our past and present and proposing exciting new directions for the future.

Students worked collaboratively to create their Futures Maps in sand learning about important topics such as Food Security.

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I enjoyed making the pictures both in the sand and online. It was a thought provoking lesson. I liked how thoughtful you have to be in the sandbox, when you are organizing the stamps in the sand. I like how the ’See Change Sand Tracks’ project shows all political aspects of Australia and the things that our country strives for and the things that need to change. I like how this project is about making art in such a simple place, and how nearly everything we do and express has meaning and sends a message.

Bella, Silkwood Independent School Student