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In 2019, as an Honorary adjunct fellow, our co-founder Tristan had the opportunity to deliver two important workshops for staff in the School of Design at UTS. The first workshop and engagement centred around the context of ‘Repair, Cultures, Design’ with a UTS research team working in the field. The other provided a means for UTS Design tutors and lecturers to ask: “what role can Indigenous methods and decolonising frameworks play in design practices and pedagogy”?

These settings are applied, dialogue spaces where tutors get a chance to interface with Indigenous scholarship and ways of knowing and workshop how Indigenous methods and decolonising frameworks might play out in the classroom and in everyday lives.

‘Repair, Cultures, Design’

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Design’s Role in Transitioning to Cultures of Repair – Decolonising Perspectives with Repair.

In September 2019 Relative Creative co-director Tristan Schultz had the privilege of running a participatory workshop at UTS on the Design’s Role in Transitioning to Futures of Cultures of Repair. He was joined at the workshop by Associate Professor Ilaria Vanni Accarigi, Professor Cameron Tonkinwise, and Tim Boykett (Time’s Up).

Read more about the workshop on Repair.Design’s website here.

Read some “research in progress” on the most commonly discarded electrical items on Repair.Design here.

Repair Design

The workshop gave us a great chance to openly discuss and distill decolonising strategies for thinking about cultures of repair. It also enabled us to share our distinct approaches to repair literature.

Repair.Design research team, UTS

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