About Relative Creative

We design communication, strategies, experiences and events that help people think, talk and mobilise sustainable futures.

We offer our collaborators Gold Coast’s leading strategic design agency and design lab. We are a passionate, multi-disciplined design studio with expertise in strategic foresight and systemic design theories, methods and practices. We work to advance transitions towards more sustainable and socially responsible ecological, socio-economic, political, policy, governance, cultural & arts paradigms through our intersecting areas of expertise:

  • Visual communication design
  • Service & product design
  • Experiences & events design
  • Film & production design
  • Participatory design
  • Design-led facilitation
  • Critical research
  • Public art

Position Statement

Responsibility: We are serious about social responsibility, sustainability, social justice and equity and our practice is activated under these contexts; as relative to just transitions in a green new world.

Respect: We are part of an ecosystem of practitioners, collaborators and community that treat everyone with ethical respect and care, like family; a relative.

Reciprocity: We believe in a practice that fosters designing where young people, non-╩╗designers╩╝, experts and plural worldviews interact and learn from one another; we are all relative.

Relationality: We embrace relational complexity because we live in a complex world and designing sustainable futures is a complex responsibility, we maintain a practice that encourages the same; everything is relative.

Radicality: We are open, transcendental and unapologetic about our concepts and ideas. The world changes through people rejecting the status quo and asserting that what might seem like radical ideas at the time, are actually ideas of better, more responsible, ethical and sustainable worlds that go down in history as achievements of humanity. We aspire to no less than this. Radicality is relative.