Creative, Cultural and Artistic Futures events for Australia Council For The Arts

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Amidst rapidly shifting sociotechnical worlds, how might we track and articulate radical, speculative, experimental understandings of our creative, cultural and artistic futures?

Relative Creative co-founder, Tristan, was a member of the Australia Council for the Arts Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Arts Strategy Panel from 2014 to 2017, where he introduced decolonising design strategies across the organisation.


Tristan also designed and facilitated the Australia Council for the Arts Signature Works Innovation Labs. The Labs took place as a four-day intensive with 20 of Australia’s leading First Peoples arts practitioners as a facilitated workshop in April 2016 and again in 2017. Artform disciplines of music, dance, theatre, literature, visual arts and digital media came together over four days, and applicants were encouraged to be open to developing ideas collaboratively and across disciplinary silos. The aim of the four-day lab was to explore decolonising processes in the workshop that act as a catalyst for participants to creatively ideate and identify the potential for their arts contributions to respond and mediate knowledge transfer regarding a resurrection of decolonial options for sustainable futures, in light of future challenges all of humanity will face. He has run various other workshopping sessions with Australia Council including at the Arts Front gathering and twice for the Australia Council Leadership Exchange Program.

Aus Co. Design Futures Workshop: 2018 Future Thinkers: Sydney, June 22, 2018 

Design futures mapping and thinking processes were facilitated by Tristan on behalf of Australia Council for the Arts. The Council brought together individuals from a diverse range of industries and occupations for a collective navigation of the socially and ethically-complex web of the role and place of artists and creative occupations across industries and society. With IoT, artificial intelligence, distributed ledger technologies, robots, automation all increasingly embedded in everyday life, Council was interested in understanding possible futures including exploration of who the artists of tomorrow will be, how and where they will create and generate income.


Australia Council for the Arts have put together a website documenting the workshop. You can check it out here.


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