Blakdance Strategic Design

For a number of years we’ve been designing with Blakdance to create strong decolonising organisational and governance models that can be communicated back to members and the sector. BlakDance is Australia’s national peak body for Indigenous Dance in Australia. Their membership features hundreds of independent choreographers and community practitioners.

One of the key communication strategies has been the development of 5 priorities:

Perform: Blakdance exists first of all to lay the tracks for our community to perform

Produce: Blakdance exists to produce small and large works and events

Catch: Blakdance exists to catch live dance, interviews and yearns ready to share back to our community

Keep: Blakdance exists to keep the catch of our sector and archive, communicate and showcase it in digital, print and web form

Grow: Blakdance exists to grow the sector; to reflect on our actions, remain respectful to our principles, connect with markets and help others do the same

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Blakdance Shot

The framework you visualised and so eloquently presented to BlakDance and the wider sector is something that forms an essential pillar of our organisation, and I have no doubt will be an underscoring legacy that you leave with us.

Jane Fuller, Blakdance GM