Branding, identity and communications pieces celebrating 50 years of legal support.

Multidevice Atsils Timeline


The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service, Queensland (ATSILS) is a community-based organisation established to provide professional and culturally proficient legal services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across Queensland. ATSILS engaged us to develop a series of digital media resources to celebrate the organisations 50-year history from 1972-2022. ATSILS also used this significant milestone to undergo a rebrand and develop an updated corporate identity that considers their past and reflects our growth and highlights our vision for the future.

Opportunity for futures

Over the last 50 years ATSILS has played a significant role in seeking justice for First Nations peoples in Queensland. Providing them with an identity and branding that both celebrates this and allows them to continue to be recognised as a professional practice is important, both for how they are viewed in community and for how they are perceived by government and the wider legal profession.

Our approach

The ATSILS brandmark has been designed to represent radial convergence, a map or journey as one makes their way through legal service support and/or collaboration with ATSILS. The brandmark was also designed to subtly make the form of a ‘Q’ (for Queensland) as well as a person embarking on a journey and a magnifying glass keeping a close eye on the legal system for the benefit of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The colour palette makes use of contemporary colours of teal for the Torres Strait Island community and deep ochre or maroon for the Queensland First Nations community, celebrating both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The branding has been carefully applied through the animation of the series of videos, filmed to celebrate everything ATSILS has achieved in the last 50 years, including its workplace culture. Likewise, the branding has been used to design the interactive timeline, a celebratory piece developed to engage the community in ATSILS journey.

Goreng Goreng artist Rachael Sarra was commissioned to develop the  specialty artwork to be used in addition to the core branding. Salvador Cantellano collaborated closely with us to develop the videos and Thrive built the interactive timeline and its animation.


Mock up of a business card for ATSILS image shows front and back of the card