Stakeholder engagement for creek naturalisation.

A marquee set up for community engagement


The Mabel Park tributary Natural Channel Design Project aims to improve habitat quality for native aquatic and land species, as well as establishing community connection with the waterway. Relative Creative is working with project partners (DesignFlow and LAT) to deliver the community engagement component of the concept development.

Opportunity for Futures

Creek naturalisation is the transformation of stormwater channels to a more natural state. This is done by removing concrete banks, planting native plants and creating habitats for animals.


There have been two key phases to community engagement. The first phase focussed on pre-design consultation and informing the public about the potential of the project. This has included pop-ups in the park, the design of a ‘Have your Say’ page and a workshop with Logan City Council.

The second phase focussed on consulting on the first design phase, seeking feedback from community on the proposed design.

Mapping ideas on a mapMapping ideas on a map A marquee set up for community engagement