First Nations Foundation


First Nations Foundation is an organisation led by First Nations people to support and increase financial literacy for First Nations peoples. FNF conduct First Nations-led financial wellbeing education, outreach and research. They offer a variety of different services and support including Tomorrow Money and My Money Dream, which Relative Creative have also undertaken design work for. In addition, we have completed the design of flyers, booklets and posters for their Indigenous Women’s Financial Wellness offering. We completed this work using the brand guidelines and artwork developed by Waanyi and Kalkadoon woman, Keisha Leon.

Our approach

Inspired by work we had recently carried out for FNF’s Tomorrow Money offering, we expanded on the colour scheme developed from the colours of Australian bank notes and created a unique logo and brand to be rolled out across FNF’s products. Relative Creative also worked closely with FNF to create the branding for their ‘Beyond the Gap’ podcast, a podcast about Indigenous Australia’s relationship with corporate Australia.

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