Design and production of homeownership educational videos.



First Nations Foundation (FNF) is a First Nations led organisation dedicated to increasing financial literacy for First Nations peoples. FNF have partnered with Commonwealth Bank to support the bank with its engagement of First Nations peoples across Australia. The intention for this project was to support a greater understanding of the, often complex, process of buying a house.

Opportunity for futures

The process of buying a house is complex. This is even more true if you lack the inter-generational experience that comes from having other members of your family go through the process. By breaking down the process into simple steps and having it presented by relatable, but informed people, some of the barriers can be broken down.

Our approach
We designed the videos to be filmed within a household setting. The intention was that the videos would be conversational pairing Destiny from FNF with either Christine or Sara from Commonwealth Bank. The videos take a strength-based approach, celebrating the buying journey of the main character, supported by insights from the financial experts.