Kids Who Care and Repair workshops, seriously transformative fun.

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The Kids Who Care and Repair workshop series saw children engaging in a hands on and creative with a variety of different activities to get them thinking about how they can actively care for, and repair things. There were four different workshops to choose from:

Urban Garden Keeps and Eats

We spent a fun morning learning about urban gardening, making our pots using old formula tins and decoupage, planting our pots with carrots or spinach and learning how to care for these plants. We also learnt about work farms and spent time sketching our own urban gardens.

Culture of Repair x Blue Jean Sisters

In this session, kids age 8 and up had the opportunity to learn basic sewing skills while they made a Blue Jean Sister rag-doll. They also engaged in conversation about how to repair their clothes and keep them out of the waste stream.

E-waster hack

The E-Waste Hack workshop saw kids aged 8-11 take apart a variety of broken electronics to explore what they were made out of, how they might be repaired and what could be done with the objects now they are broken. They learnt about design for disassembly and upcycled the e-waste into robots and other items.

Surfboard Illustration Workshops

This workshop saw a wide range of creative drawing happening as Tristan guided an excited group of groms through the steps to creating their very own board art.

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