The Hatchery

Illustrations and educational assets for museum-goers about Queensland turtles.

The Queensland Museum engaged Relative Creative to design and illustrate visuals to accompany The Hatchery exhibition for the 2021 World Science Fair.

Opportunity for futures

Many species of turtles are endangered yet significant to natural ecologies and Indigenous Knowledge systems. We took the opportunity to communicate information and actions needed to protect these amazing animals. Finding new ways to communicate information about different species, the threats humans pose to them, and ways to correct this is key to protecting them.

Our approach

Tristan illustrated a feature artwork of three Loggerhead Turtles. Drawing on this, we designed a slide show with infographics and knowledge effectively communicating the museum’s research and stories. In preparation for the World Science Fair, our illustration for The Hatchery will be celebrated in other areas of the exhibition.

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