Pimpama State Secondary College Designer in Residence

In 2013-14, Tristan was involved in the Pimpama State Secondary College Designer in Residence Program, as funded by Arts Queensland.


The program involved 13 weeks of working through inquiry, ideation and implementation design thinking phases with a selection of year 8 students at the college. The result was a booklet proposal designed by students that defined an innovative set of scenarios that could enable a strong relationship between the school and the new Woolworths being nearby.


The ‘My School Space’ scenario connected the two institutes through a full time space inside the new Woolworths supermarket, facilitated by Pimpama students with the help of parents, teachers and Woolworths staff. The social enterprise space was intended as a platform for activities run by the school including:
• the schools fruit and vegetable garden market
• up-cycling market from local waste construction material
• repair bookings such as push bikes, clothing, toys, appliances and crockery repair
• hand skilling workshops and community maintenance scheduling; and
• gardening, re-designing, repairing and social enterprise


Read the Arts Queensland Case Study here.

Tristan Talks To Student