ServDes.2020 Keynote Address: Articulatory, Respectful Service Design | A talk featuring Tristan Schultz of Relative Creative.

Professor Norman Sheehan, a Wiradjuri man, and Relative Creative’s Dr.Tristan Schultz, a Gamilaraay man, engage in a dialogue about the role of Indigenous knowledge as articulatory, respectful service design. Through a selection of visual patterns they contemplate how service design requires taking an ontological turn, to propose ways of being and becoming, that respects knowledge of intelligible revealing patterns in environments. This is as valid as are any minds, where patterns reveal in their own time and place through human and more-than-human designs. The speakers set the stakes for a service design in the context of plurality and systemic wicked problems to argue that designing radically new social and political patterns is going to require re-inscribing relational ways of being. This means opening up options beyond the suite of knowledge acquired under the rubric of the modernity/coloniality. They share where in their enmeshed practices, which span education, Indigenous knowledge, futures thinking and design, this re-inscription might begin.