We connect, experiment, facilitate and share our design, research and strategies

The Design Lab program facilitates meaningful civic engagement between design professionals, community advocates, scientists, policymakers, planners, the business sector and universities all coming together to connect and co-design social, environmental, economic and culturally sustainable and innovative futures.

Creative Program: We stretch artistically through their upholstery, visual art and other creative practices to inform our strategic and design work. National and international residencies are also offered.

Learning Program: We mentor and facilitate workshops with both university students, adults and children. We also offer business and organisations the opportunity to learn skills and techniques in design thinking, thinking about social responsibility and sustainability in a relational, creative experience.

Events Program: We run an annual program of events including the annual Futures Forum, exhibition and art shows.

Resources Program: We publish online kits, guides and reports, journal articles, book chapters, conferences and symposium papers and provide access to these resources as much as possible here. We stay sharp, critical and active in public debate over our futures in national and international settings.