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The Politics in Design and the Design of Politics

Listen to a seminar on design and democracy.

Decolonising Design in Practice

Watch a panel discussion about decolonising design.

Sydney Design Week: Hybrid Digital

Watch a talk with Dr Guy Keulemans.


Watch a talk on the role of Indigenous knowledge as respectful service design.

Cēsu Pluriversitāte

Watch a lecture on futures arriving.

Cēsu Pluriversitāte

Watch a lecture on mapping our practice futures.

Creative Connections

Watch a webinar on facilitating online.


Watch a Design Fiction about Gold Coast Futures.

Service Design Show

Watch a talk with Service Design Show on systemic thinking.

A Webinar on Remote Facilitation

Watch our webinar about adapting to remote work as we face COVID-19.

SDNOW4 X Melbourne 2019

Watch Tristan's talk about design, strategy, ethics and futures.

Think Outside

Watch our approach to designing with complex future challenges in mind.


Watch our own Tristan Schultz's TedX presentation.

New Zealand Tech Week 2017

Watch a video about mapping the technological colonisation of imagination and design.

Venice Biennale

Listen to Tristan's contribution to the 2017 Venice Biennale.

Goldsmiths Lecture

Listen to Tristan's lecture discussing how we humans fuse with things.