Decolonization and Design

A lesson plan for decolonising within design.

A Manifesto for Decolonising Design

Read 'A Manifesto for Decolonising Design'.

Mapping Indigenous Futures

Read a critical interrogation of the consequences of modernity and coloniality.

Design and Culture Special Issue Decolonising Design

Read a special issue of Design & Culture.


Read an in-depth exploration of our Cognitive Redirective Mapping process.


Read a case study of the FutureBNE Water Security Challenge.

City Streets

Read about a decolonial way´Čünding frame focused on Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

iCORD: Research into Design

Read a tracing of the historical and conceptual terrain of cultures of repair.

DIB 2015

Read how Cognitive Redirective Mapping draws together knowledge production.

Design Minds

Read about empowering children to be active agents of repair and care.