Brand and Communication

Native Foodways

Strategy and brand identity for a First Nations-led native food organisation.

Repair on the Move

A critical design project exploring the future of Burleigh.

Looking After Country With Fire

Book design and layout for Victor Steffensen's childrens book.

Cooktown Museum: Bama Room

Interpretation and design for an exhibit centering the culture, history and present of the Guugu Yimidhirr peoples.

My Money Dream

UX design and branding for FNF's money literacy program.

Cooktown Museum: Place Identity

Identity and branding for NTAQ's Cooktown Museum


Visual communication design for Lowitja Institute.

Dear Son

Book cover design and illustration throughout for Dear Son by Thomas Mayor.

Cooktown Museum: Maritime Room

Interpretation design that weaves together the myriad stories of Cooktowns maritime heritage.

Packaging design for Hardie Grant

Bringing to life a series of artist puzzles with packaging design for Hardie Grant.

Tomorrow Money

Brand identity for trusted finance education resources with Tomorrow Money.

First Nations Foundation

A brand refresh, new logo and design of collateral.

Dhawura Ngilan

A professionally designed document illustrating a vision for the future.

National Aboriginal Sporting Chance Academy

Updated brand collateral for NASCA.

The Spit

Re-imagining The Spit and delivering its placemaking, identity, and brand.

The Hatchery

Visual communication design and illustration for Queensland Museums turtle hatchery.

Gold Coast City Futures forum, 2020

The next iteration of our just transitions forum.

Yarn 2048

A collaborative art making process culminating as a futures map.

Water Sensitive GC challenge

An excursion for year 9 students to explore the role of water on the Gold Coast.


Branding, website and curriculum guide design.

Queensland Water Plans

A communications toolkit and infographics to communicate a complex topic.

Fire Country

Book cover design for the groundbreaking book, Fire Country, written by Indigenous Fire Management expert Victor Steffensen.

Future BNE 2020: Incursion

An immersive and interactive, future-thinking incursion for students.

Straddie Brewing Co

Brand identity and visual communication for Straddie Brewing Co.

Gold Coast City Futures forum, 2019

A forum about just transitions for the GC.


A brand and communication strategy for Aboriginal owned and led, Sobah.

Re-Imagining James Cook Museum

Co-designing a reimagined James Cook Museum for NTAQ.

See Change Sand Tracks

A unique event designed to help people think, talk and mobilise their futures.

Futures Forum

Reshaping the culture of business with Indigenous Business Australia.

Future BNE 2016-2019

An immersive and interactive, future-thinking excursion for students.

Kids Who Care and Repair

Seriously transformative fun.

Re-Eventing the Supermarket

A series of infographics illustrating the destructiveness of supermarkets.

Save Miami Ice

The Save Miami Ice campaign, a test of Gold Coast's heritage policies.


Working with City of Gold Coast for community engagement around public art.

Indigenous Participation Plan

Co-designing a communications strategy and participatory tools with yourtown.


Designing with Blakdance to create strong decolonising organisational models.

Gnibi RAP

A new, visual-led approach to Reconciliation Action Plans.

Clinto’s Kupmurri

Designing for Australia's first Aboriginal led and native cuisine food truck and business.

Anglicare Study Guide

Designing a culturally appropriate visual identity for Anglicare's study guide.

Medicare Local

Community activation and communication campaigns for active healthy living.

Rabbit + Cocoon

Visual communication design for Relative Creative's first studio space.

Surfboard Art

Fostering creative practice through surfboard illustration.

Soft Goods Design

A reflection on working in product design.